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Clickity clackity whirrrrrrr zip zap
Whispering chatter head starts to hurt
Squeakity squakity crickity crack
Musical distraction focus is blurred

Jingling jangling stompity stomp
Escape is improbable they can’t understand
Wooshing, washing buzzzzz tap tap
This paper is due but what was that sound

Tap tap tapity tap snip snap
This beat is unbearable please don’t inquire
Crinkly crackly ripply rap
Dust in the wind’s got me thinking of her

Rapity rapity rap tic tac
Missed opportunities are now a waste of time
Whirrity wizzz chattity chat
Now off key pain to the musical ear

Noise is an unpleasant sound
Sound you can not escape
Your head becomes a prison of isolation
There is a pounding on the prison doors


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