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Don't you hate,
When you're the only one?
Like that dried up raisin,
In that 90 degree sun?

Don't you hate,
Just sitting alone?
Like there's no one there
To sit by you on your throne?

Don't you hate,
When you can't find the answer?
Like you don't smoke AT ALL,
But you have lung cancer?

Don't you hate,
Seeing people together and you're single?
Like somebody just bought a new can of chips,
But they only give you on Pringle?

Don't you hate,
Repeating yourself?
Like you're telling someone you're dying,
For YOUR health?

Don't you hate,
When you two aren't getting along?
And all of a sudden,
Someone starts playing your song?

Don't you hate,
When people don't understand?
Like you're sitting there,
And you have to hold your own hand?

As if you should care more about you,
Than anybody else would do?
I'd rather hold my own hand,
And sit by myself,
Than know that people could care less
About my health.


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