The Patch That is meant to Stay


snow falls and covers every corner and crevice

and the townsfolk play

they get to and odd spot and grimace

theres the patch thats ment to stay


theres a patch thats haunts this town

hes a real nice fellow

a patch of grass thats everlasting

you’ll never see it yellow


footprints cover this glorified patch

and the patch cant help but wonder why

why must all his glory be snatched

he’s a really nice guy


The patch cries out to god

why must i be marked this way

god says only the weak appreciate fraud

you were meant to stay


i created you to be walked upon

to stand out and enrage

i wanted for blood to be drawn

so i could turn the page


so i could enlighten

the frightened

and fool the weak

to believe the authenticity that i speak


everything i create i create with purpose

you should be proud

you are worth it.


ignore the cold shoulders the snow and ice above

only the solid and ever lasting can embrace a dove


learn to stand out in an optimistic way

for you are the patch that is meant to stay.


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