My Fellow Darkness

There’s a new you in town

In my neighborhood

On my street

Too close for comfort


'Registered Sex Offender'


Memories flood from the dark clouds and into my brain with each trembling step I take off my porch and into this cold, dark world


I came back to visit

Five years old now

Swimming and picnics at grandma’s house

Perfect for a summer day---your opportunity

Alone in the pool only feet away from family

Though the sun bared down on my shoulders and the warm water surrounded my body I jumped at your cold touch


'This is wrong

But he would never do anything wrong to me'

A constant battle in my mind,

a war

I was North and you were South

You saw nothing wrong,

I saw an innocent girl now aware of this dark world we call home


Damn you, dark world

With your dark eyes and dark hands and dark thoughts that turn into dark actions

acted upon the only light shining within this darkness;

a child


Get out now and save yourself from this darkness!

I’m stuck, feet glued to the bottom of the pool

Even the water can’t loosen its strength


Close your eyes

You’re at the beach, swimming in the ocean pleading for help

until the waves pull you away and into calm water

Open your eyes


It’s done---past tense

Keep walking, this flood will pass

I refuse to be a pawn used in your dark twisted game of chess

I am greater than the pain you have you caused, for your cold dark touch can no longer move me


Damn you and this dark world

Though your darkness follows my footsteps,

I will continue to shine as much light in this darkness every time the cold night comes

‘Til my last breath give out

And in the end, I will smile


Check mate


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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