My Feet Smell

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 02:34 -- sdunh12


My feet smell

And neglect appears to be my only friend.

People hang out and talk with me

We share only words

Though nothing articulate.

Homework accumulates its own biomass

I think it even has become its own species.

I try to cut back on its invasiveness,

But still it pervades my privacy.

I check media hypes over and over

Yet remain unsatisfied.

Things don’t hold the same importance that they do

When it was most important on the AP test to get a five.

I do nothing with my life and it feels at its own stand still.

I still manage to get out,

I still have some activism of rights and join in all the rally fights.

Bed sounds best,

Yet that’s not a choice

It’s even ranked fourth on my list.

I still can’t decide what’s most important,

I can sit and contemplate it for hours.

Materialistic things don’t always add up

Is how life is portraying it, it seems.

I need to pick up the pace

And leave unnecessary necessities behind.

Time to decide to prize what’s right

Whatever that may be.

Still can’t seem to decide

 As I try to board fluffy ships in the sky.

Something around here stinks

And I know it’s not just my feet.


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