Fear comes with the territory

Hate to break it to ya

Vulnerability comes with the territory

If you haven’t realized

Awkwardness comes with the territory

Wish it weren’t the truth?


I’m in this for the long haul, honey

I’ve planted my roots

Are you scared of losing me?  


We made a promise, a pact

To hold hands and grow

Where’s your demons, honey? 

There’s nothing you could show

to me to scare me away. 


Now if I need some distance,

I will choose me over you.

Do not think that I have come

to make your dreams come true. 


Also, keep in mind that I 

cannot fix your heart. 

My weakness comes in trying;

tearing myself apart 

in order to make one tiny stitch

that might not even hold. 

My goal is to stop trying—

That game is childish and painful, 

not worthy of my time.


Before, I said “I’m in it for the long haul”

but I don’t know how long that haul is.

If you can’t deliver what I’m looking for

If I’m not happy, if you’re a piece that won’t fit into my puzzle 

Don’t expect me to stay. 


Here is what to expect: 

That I will try.

I will paint myself into your picture and see if I fit the color scheme

I will fight through conversations to learn what you mean

I will tell you what I want and let myself be seen. 

Don’t expect more of me. 

I expect you to:

One. Love me when I’m laughing and hold me when I cry.

Two. Try to be honest with me, love. Just try. 

Three. Listen when I teach you something new you didn’t know.


I’m ready to do these things and grow

I’m ready.


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