Puppet Master


United States
35° 4' 3.3312" N, 85° 15' 42.8364" W

Lively, smiling I once use to be,
Before a thing hit me called reality
What was that? You don’t like what you see?
That’s alright, I’ll change profusely.
Oh, not to your interests either?
Just mold me like putty until my own self withers.

Constant flow of negative energy,
Like rushing waters suffocating me…
Drowning me

Silence falls as it is time for the puppet master,
My limbs are useless to me,
Tied up by your repugnant laughter.

As they stare, seeming to be enjoying the show,
My path has gone astray, leaving me nowhere to go
My screams and pleads for help are locked up tight,
Hidden by the whispering ghosts kept out of sight

I am nothing to you, but your twisted entertainment.
You laugh when I fall and boo when I raise.
Who is that with those debased eyes?

The cords fall now, along with that cursed curtain we call life.
Unaided and so cold,
I search for that wicked energy to hold
Where is that suffocating and drowning energy from before?
At least then I had felt more.

Keep me not behind your cold steel bars called ‘popularity’.
I look in the mirror and it‘s not I who stares back at me,
Only who you crafted me to be.
Me, Myself and I are gone; I beg them to come back to me!

But I am alone, and I sadly sigh
Nothing but a puppet to fill your time.
I have lost myself to the shadow caster.
Silence falls as it is time for the puppet master.

Peer Pressure


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