Fake Filters and False Faces


Without filters and false smiles I am strong,

Even if sometimes I feel I don't belong.


I sometimes smile to the sky,

and that in itself is enough to get me by.


I don't have many friends,

So I don't often have to make ammends.


For those times when I am lonely,

I know I am the one and only,


The only one who can take off this perfect mask,

Which is often a difficult task,


And to take off that useless filter,

As if it were an annoying splinter.


I am a strong, independent woman,

Who doesn't like to cook in front of an oven.


Sometimes I dress-up as someone I'm not,

Just to prove that I'm not a robot.


To myself when I am true,

My spirits cannot be blue.


So without false faces and fake filters I will live,

Because that's all I have to give.


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