Behind the Curtain


Behind the Curtain, 
I am a mere man,
Trying to live life the best I can,
Just like the other 7 billion people on Earth.
Behind the Curtain,
I am a dreamer,
One of many in this world,
But one of the few who wants to make it happen.
Behind the Curtain,
I am a individual of inspiration,
Who spreads great things and words,
In a world of hopelessness and sorrowful limitations.
Behind the Curtain,
I am imperfect,
Born with them since I was a child,
But I am not willing to let them define who I am
Behind the Curtain,
I am me,
A person who I am happy with,
Through my turbulence and sorrows,
Through my wonderful imperfections,
I am who I am.


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