Darkness taking over the light

The emotions ruining though my head are empty and deprived of every little breath of oxygen.
Like a prisoner trapped within a frozen den.
With the emptiness consuming my soul, predicting the very out come of my life.
The blade of emotions and disease is drawn through my heart like a pierced knife.
My footsteps are becoming nothing but a blur.
As the life is being sucked out of my body
With my indenty, being consumed by a false pretense of lies and hate.
Distraught by a love so true but fake?
Questions surface through my inner mind of failure,
Quickness, remorsed oceans and death upon a sailor.
Removed by all that has ever loved,
Shamed by a thought of being beaten and shoved.
Death the sudden cement of lifes destruction,
Is brought up by a second of demond of construction,
Messing up the every essence of what is And what's not.
Buring the Sun with a freeze ray of hot
Raging through the cage of wrong and right,
Overpowering the depth of my might.
The over markings of life troll is destroying who I am,
Making me lose all faith in all that are damned.
Dakrness takes over the crystal light,
And I'll always put up a fight.

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