Don't Run

You get lost in your insecurities

And trample on the stressful parts in life

You try to feed the desire

But you have no time

You are stuck in a deep pit

And cant find the rope to get up

And the pain and fear drag you away

Deeper and deeper into the hole

But I am there to hold you

I will be there to let down the rope

Because you dont need to do this alone

For Ill stay by your side

And as the world turns against you

And screams your name in horror and disgust

Just know

That you are never alone

And as the thoughts come rushing in

Like the dam has unleashed the gates of hell

I will pull you out of the fire

I wont give up on you now

And as you need time to wait

And think on your own in peace

I want to give you some sense of comfort

That my door is always open to talk

And as you want to lock yourself away

I know the pain and fear has chained you down

But if you just give me time

I can set you free

And let you rise

Once again

And though the path isnt lit

And the monsters lurk in the darkness

I will not leave your side

To let you get eaten at night

But soon the sun will rise

And the monsters will run away

For you must give it time

Just stand your ground 

And dont run away

The love I have for you is sincere

Dont let the bad thoughts forget that

For Ill hold your hand

So you dont fall

While crossing the bridge

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