Rubber-band Meal

Think about it too much?

or not enough?

Will I ever believe in trust?

believe in me, and my own skin?

or will I fight, against my kin?

so many feelings

buried deep inside

so deep I barely even know they hide

but once in awhile

when I want it the least

I feel these feelings creep and creep

I feel them linger, watching me

when I sit alone

and daydream

about fruity pebbles,

nutella croissants, too

they snicker and chuckle

standing there as I make my dreams come true

go in for a bite and they suddenly shout, in oh such a fright

they snatch both my arms, right above each hand

and tie them together with a single rubber-band

they fasten it tightly

and without any sound

they dash away quickly, leaving food on the ground

so much food on my plate, too much going to waste

it's a battlefield here, moving in such a haste

not enough time to loosen the tight rubber-band

set by the snickering feelings

which make my tummy upset

make me weep in despair

as yet another meal

slips away, past me

until maybe the dawn

but as surely as dawn comes

the feelings come too

and they snatch up the feeling of eating any food


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