Dreams are not only for kids

Go to sleep, close your eyes
And dream of broken dreams
That tore their dreams into reality
No one knows the pain that I have endured

Tears roll down my face, they shine so bright
Realizing and waking up to what I call a reality
Dream of growing in life 
And waking just before I’m able to make it come true

Moonlight shining off my tears
As I cry my worst fears
Tonight when I start to cry
You’ll Whisper the dreamer's lullaby:

"Shus baby, you’re almost there
Your dream is right at arms length don’t give up now
Your family love you, your friends support you
Sleep tight with a motivation ‘cause that’s all you need"

"Rockabye baby, alive and hopeful 
You didn’t know life would be this hard
Time to end the pain you hid so well
And up you awake
to realize its all possible"


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