Black in America


This is for yall ignorant folk
Who think racism in 2014 is over
Who think slavery should be a forgotten memory
Who think it's a compliment to say I don't see you as black 
I don't see color

Recently there was a 10 year old white boy
Who beat & killed his grandmother
But let it have been a black boy 
They'd call him this that and the other
Never a mismatch, never a lover
But they'd say he was 
A drug dealer prolly a thug or--

Don't believe me 
Then you don't believe statistics or facts
Then you don't know what it's like to be Black
In america

It's only america
Where we are divided 
Separated by hyphens
And who ever else is left-American

This is merely to keep racism alive
If your from any other country 
You'll be represented by that country even after you die
This is why I call myself black
Couldn't be African if I tried
I ask my elders how they grew up 
About their lives
They detailed stories which happened as the result of some crazy boat ride

My great auntie told me her mother was a slave
Tho she wasn't she was treated the same
Now How could she tell me this 
if slavery was so far away
How could it be forgotten 
If reparations weren't paid

See Africa is a continent
Foreign lands to me
So why is African-american tied to us, we
Its cause Jeese Jackson thought he could interpret poetry 
See African American is a new term
That doesn't fit
Especially since a white person from Africa who becomes a citizen of America 

would be called the same but that's not it

So don't  tell me to forgot 
don't tell me we're the same 
You took my history
Change my life 
Even took my last name 

I was a Black girl at a white school
Now I won't say it's name
Tho I was call outta mine
8 years old called a nigger 
Like that was just fine
So next time you wanna act color blind
Take a step back 
And realize that person is black 
Just like Me


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