What is Love?

What is Love?


Is it the way the fathers and mothers

Love each other enough

To bring another person into this loveless world?


The feelings I’ve submitted to you

My Love goes unrequited

You took it and spit it back

Into my face, admit it.

So I quit it.


I don’t understand why we

Reprimand ourselves, it’s not like

We planned to Love,

If that’s what you call it,

Love, if permitted


What is Love?


Showers of flowers,

Sweet treats and decadent delights,

Presents of selection, tokens of affection

All headed in the direction

Of the perfection of your

One. True. Love.


A soul mate,

One who’s Love doesn’t equate

To anyone else’s Love for you

But what is Hate?

Can we debate that one cannot exist

Without the other?


Love and Hate

On the same plain of emotion

Causing the commotion, devotion,

Possibly promiscuous promotion

Of ourselves, and for what?



What is Love?


It is a kiss

Or is it to dismiss

All of the shame and blame

Of their past

All for the game of finding a name

To define yourself?


Is it the desire

Or the burning fire

In your heart of hearts that starts

With a spark from the mark

They imprinted on your mind?


And what will you find

When you scavenge the mind

Of the one you call “mine”

And wish to spend the rest of your time with?

Will you find Love?

Are you willing to take that chance?

Risk it. Risk it all.


What is Love?


Love is blasphemy

In the mind of our race

We can’t keep up with the pace of the chase

The space between knowing and not is growing

And it bothers us

Subconsciously or not

It bothers us.


What is Love?


Do not fool yourself

You do not know

You will never know

So let it go


Let Love melt with the winter snow

Let Love fly as the autumnal winds blow

Let Love sink in the river where the clear waters flow


Because Love is undefined

We’ll never know what Love truly is

It’s too late for us

Too late for you

Too late for me

Too late for Love






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