A Teenagers Scrimmage


A Teenagers scrimmage and a young adults threshold.

Is it ever possible to just remain happy in darkness?
I was taught that my smile was the light in the darkness,
and my strength would win my battles and count my riches.

I was told that teenagers are the truth and way.
I think someone lied.
Because my teenagers aren't given the truth and are often being told the way.

In my eyes teenagers has the most scrimmage just to become that of which is a young adult.

Lies and deceit.
Anger and frustration.
Denial and acceptance.

Easier to lie, but more trouble to keep a secret.
Feels better to b angry, but healthy to forgive.
More comfortable to deny anything than admit something at all.

This is the time when the aspiration meter is empty and is ready to be filled with any and everything.

Love seems like the answer to happiness, just to know someone loves you other than you and have a fantasy of happiness.
Money will answer the problem and is depicted as this image of the American Dream.
Knowledge to know the unknown. To even answer the unanswerable i.e why we don't know why.

I may not be well educated or experienced but my story has been full of scorn and is still admired by its one true believer me.

A teenagers scrimmage helps with getting to my threshold. Nothing is going to stop me. Nothing is going to stop you. Nothing will stop us.

Our happily ever after is coming after.


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