The voice for the girl who can no longer speak for herself


She looks in the mirror who she sees is not who she is.

An easy hit? A slut?
She's heard them all, 
but that's not who she is.
Just see, and look so much deeper inside.
Jump in her life, and come for a ride.
She has so much more love to give than just one night.
You know how you use her is not right.
Crushing, burning, promises, yearning
It's just the flow they come and go.
She creates her own poison a form of her own.
From the parties she's been to she's already been shown
how they can act, and what they can do
to make you feel that you are not you.
This poison much faster
No pain 
Her choice
She takes too many and not for fun
Because all of these things you people have done
The bullying the texts you calling her names
What in it all did you have to gain
Now you sit here and cry at the loss of you friend,
but where were you before her end
She wanted your help all the signs they were there,
but like everybody else you didn't care.
Her pain it is over, but I feel sorry for you,
because you have to live with what you didn't do.


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