I Want to Fix the World

All of my memories from before I got my glasses are
Like when you imagine a story told from someone else's
point of view
Or trying to remember a dream you had
years ago
Or looking at a painting where all the colors sort of
run together

But maybe they were blurry because of her
Because she couldn't cope with the reality
of her life
Because she had me and my brother and sister but she still
felt alone
But mostly she cried because her hormones were so
screwed up

One minute she said I love you and the next she said go
live with your dad
One minute she was smiling and the next she was 
shaking with sobs
She told me it wasn't her fault it was all her
damned thyroid
I understood that it wasn't her fault but I wanted to
make her better

I still want to make her better and I want to make
everyone better
I want to fix people's hormones with science and make the
world better
I want to turn shaky sobs into
broad grins
I want to turn hateful words into
I love you's

I want to fix the world


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