Today I Try


Atop a tree sits a lonely little guy.

If only, if only he cries

To his only true friend, the dull gray sky.

These heartless beasts would give a damn if I live or die,

All I’ve wanted to know as the time has passed by,

If only, if only I’d shrivel and die,

For the day draws so near I hang my soft, beautiful cry.


“But this lonely soul is not the only creature of the knoll that has a story to be told.”


If only, if only the she-wolf replies,

The milk from my body was enough to supply,

My pups that fade, wither, and die,

For their mouths are too dry to even strive to survive in this messed up world we live by,

And drive to change this world of lies,

So the future won’t die by the hand of I,

The famine, malice and lust

That blinds us, and drives us to the edge of demise,

Through this dull, lifeless world we live by……

But today I try, I try till the day I die. 







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