Why I'm smiling but just pretending?
Why I'm fine breathing but still suffocating?
why I'm empty but feels so heavy?...
Will i ever be happy??




I am sad
I am depressed
Nobody realise
Coz um eversmiling
Ever laughing
But inside da real me is in a comatoseness
Da only time um happy is in my dreams
Sometimes i wish i could sleep forever
Never to endure dis pain ever
Sometimes i cry myself to sleep
Sometimes i cant sleep
Yeah i get to live that everyday
you know why ...coz nobody cares
People only care when u dead 
They wait for that day when ur coffin is going down nd throwing in roses
Den talk abt hw gud u were nd argue with god dat he took u early
Do you know how many times i died?
Nobody ever sits down with me and asks how um doing
Nobody ever checks on me
This is why care a lot abt others
Coz i know hw it feels


I am sad 
I am depressed
I am slowly fading
Drowning in my own thoughts
Um tired
Would it be better if dust returns to dust?
Soul to soul?
Soil to soil?
Carked by this,will i ever be happy?


I am sad 
I am depressed.......
Disqueting thoughts in my head
Every piece of me unhinging
Dis is so gravelling
A baffling disorder dat i get to live with 
Crusified by sadness
Living under this gloominess


I am sad
I am depressed
It was sad reading my story
Buh its a true story
I am sad 
I am depressed
I need help
I need a friend
I need a booster
I need someone to talk to



Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741