The Struggle is Real


An easy road I've not known
My struggle is real

I've always had food on the table and a roof over my head
I've always had shoes on my feet and a shirt on my back
I've always had hot water for my showers and lights to read my books

I've not always had a steady job
I've almost been homeless, twice
I've had my car taken away from me and my phone turned off
I've failed classes
I've never been a straight A student

Right now, there is no light at the end of the tunnel
I'm jobless, carless, and phoneless
Right now, I'm not in school nor do I have a degree to get that job that will allow me to get back on my feet.

This is the lowest I've ever been
I still smile
I still laugh
I still dance

Without the aforementioned life would be meaningless and dismal
Life would cease to exist if I let it get to me
I have to hold my head high and look to the future

Promising future filled with lots of late nights of studying and early mornings at work
Struggling is part of the success which is to come


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