Wings with lift to soar

When you can't take any more

What you never saw before

Wings with lift to soar


I blinked and this week's been

flinging everything I'm dreaming

of becoming and being down the sink drain

and I'm keeping from thinking 

or seeing the umpteen stains

all the failng all the pain

defaming my name.

I'm stuck fast in the prison

of sins past and present.

at last I assent

my mistakes are too great.

Redemption's too late.


You are not who you were.  That's not you anymore.  

You'll look back when this is history.


Listen to 

the whisper of unspoken wish 

It lisps for you to get a grip

'cause the token of unbroken grit

is tested will that never gives.  

I cradle my tattered dreams

cup them in my fingers

dreams not mine but from above

in the rough but knit in love

Translucent as dragonfly wings

crumpled yet still with lift to soar.


So I won't quit

I'll just be redirected.

'cause I know this

I won't be perfected.

Life's a mess

But I'll make the best of it

Use up the rest of it

Hope for the rest of us.


Dreams translucent as dragonfly wings

Crumpled, yet still with lift to soar

Wings with lift to soar



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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