The Angel on my Shoulder

He'll tell you he loves you.

He'll talk real sweet.

You'll think he loves you.

You're just a piece of meat.


First, there's denial.

He wouldn't do that.

He cared about me once.

Our love just fell flat


Wake up sweetheart!

You're so naive!

He only used you.

He always planned to leave.


Next is saddness.

Why doesn't he love me?

I was nothing but faithful.

Why couldn't he see?


Open your eyes!

He wasn't the one!

You need to move on.

You need to be done!


Next comes the anger.

Screw his mind games.

I don't need him.

I want him to burn in the flames.


Revenge isn't the answer.

It's time for peace.

Part of your heart is missing,

But you'll find the piece.


I'd like to be happy,

But his presence haunts me.

He still comes around.

Just let me be!


Ignore his texts.

Ignore his calls.

Soon, he'll be busy

With the next girl to fall.


Finally, there is healing.

A broken heart becomes whole.

A true smile escapes,

And love returns to the soul.





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