Back to my Senses

When I was born

I was given a heart

Not eyes, ears, or hands

to start.

When I was five

I was given hands

to touch and feel

my simple toy pots and pans

When I was thirteen

I was given eyes

and began to see the world

in all of its lies.

When I was fifteen

I was given ears

to witness and hear

all of my fears.

When I was nineteen

I was given a brain

to think with logic

and defend myself with bane.

When I was twenty

I was hardened and cold.

I did not use my gifts

because life was just too bold.

It wasn't until I found

someone so true,

someone who reminded me

that skies could be blue.

He has returned my heart and filled it with air,

he has returned my hands and softened their lines.

He has returned my eyes and opened them with light,

he has returned my ears and played musical rhymes.

He has returned my brain and expanded my mind,

to be accepting of all and remain tolerant and kind.

I am balanced and calm, I am strong and true.

Love breeds love where hate cannot pass through.


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