Betrayal Poem


     have you ever thought to yourself that you and a specific person might last forever. 

but then all of a sudden you see a shift of change in their behavior, however. 

then you get left, like shit wasn’t just so perfect between you guys.

now you’re left with sighs and cries. 

 now you’re left overthinking, when you shouldn’t be? 

like damn, is it another she? or did he  wanna be set free? 

like damn, should I text and communicate first? 

but then you snap back and be like “ nah ima let you be” 

instead of communicating and fixing things with you’re partner. 

one’s already thinking about departure. 

trying to leave, like you didn’t open up to them about you’re whole life. 

the one you least expect, turns their back on you & stab yours with a knife. 

let’s talk about betrayal, because this is what this poem is about. 

mfs ah do you dirty, like you weren’t the one giving them the benefit of the doubt. 

chance after chance, and you see no change.

and still found yourself solid, when the bond got strange. 

but this is what happens when you refuse to accept the true colors that people show you. 

you get betrayed, you get left, you get abandoned, oh so now you get the point that I am trying to prove? 

if you missed it, people change up, like they change shoes. 

and it sucks because it happens to the people with good hearts. 

we never win, we always lose. 

the feeling is worse, than having a flu. 

like dang, before betrayal happened, you wished you knew what you were getting yourself into. 

you caught all the red flags, but dissed them because you loved that person. 

now you gotta sit back and watch this pain worsen. 

but it hearts breaking because you didn’t ask for this, you just wanted to be loved, how you loved. 

now it’s gonna be hard for the next person who comes. 

all because one person fucked you’re head up & couldn’t keep their word. 







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