Mon, 08/12/2013 - 09:55 -- HG5605

I sit there,

The tears fall, 

My life is falling apart.

You pretend

To understand,

But I know you can't.


Shut up, I won't listen

I don't want your excuses

They're worthless,

You know what you've done.

Turned my world upside down

Now I have nothing left.


You don't trust me,

But that's what hurts the most,

Like a dagger plunged deep in my soul.

I want you to love me, 

Be the parent I need,

But I feel you're just too far away.


It's too late now,

You've shattered my dreams,

Nothing will fix this mess.

You've hurt me

Like no one has even before,

A lingering scar that won't heal.


You've sliced me open,

As if with a knife,

You've gone too far this time.

Why'd you insist

To see the dark secrets

That were mine alone to know?


The tears keep on falling,

They may not stop.

I've lost all respect for you now.

If I had wanted you to know

I would have told you.

But I didn't.





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