Hi I’m Depression

Can I have your attention please ?


Hi I’m depression 

I hold your undivided focus 

I alter your emotions 

Run through your body like a potion 

Rocking you like an ocean 

With no motivation to move 

My talk game is real smooth

So Yeah I always win 

You’ll never see me lose 


Today you want to be productive ?

Well let me throw in some reluctance 

Your bedroom is our playground 

A place where you only hear MY sound


I’ll forever have you bound 

So no need to be too loud 


I make you quiet !


Silenced is your curse

Unable to form the words 

To tell the world that you’re truly hurt 

For escape routes you may search

But I promise it won’t work 

For your body is my territory 

But your soul is my turf 

Hi I’m Depression .

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Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741