always on the same page

salut, mon petit!

that's how i greet you

since we're both french minors

and we're both multi-ethnic

and we grew up in the same hometown

and we were born 11 days apart

and our favorite book genre is historical fiction

and sometimes we don't feel "asian enough"

and we both know the struggle of maintaining our cultures

and we say the same things at the same times- i'm convinced we're telepathic

since we're always on the same page


je suis un peu fatiguée

that's how i tell you i'm a bit sleepy, when you ask me how your girl is feeling

since we both have stressful "adult" obligations now

and we always put school first; we're both ambitious

and our universities are so far apart

and we're chasing our dreams

and we never have time

and it's late

we can't seem to get on the same page


it's time for bed.


...tu me manques


that's how i say i miss you, because i'm reading the historical fiction novel

you gave me before you moved


- Kady Dosunmu



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