Is it You?

I haven’t met that guy that’ll turn my life around
Show me the light with every gentle caress
That has a smile that can warm a million cold hearts
The laughter of sweet innocence and happiness
I haven’t met that guy that keeps me in my toes
That’ll wipe my tears away when I feel pain
That’ll kiss me where it hurts and where it doesn’t
I haven’t met that guy who cares for my well being
Who loves me for all my heart,  mind,  body,  and sick soul
With lips as soft as the miraculous white fluff in the baby blue sky
Or eyes as deep and mysterious as the sea
With a wondrous mind and a heart loving and true
I haven’t met that hit that’ll wrap me in his arms at night
Who can’t live a second without me near
Who needs me as terribly as he needs air
That guy who stands tall, wrapped with confidence
That is as poised, fresh, and lovely as a tended rose garden
Honey I haven’t met that guy that makes me melt with every touch
Who knows what spot to touch on my body and how
Who knows how to reach my heart and hold it in his hands with care
I haven’t met that guy, but darling I fucking hope it’s you.
- M.K.J.


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