Her Story.

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 23:02 -- sgreen

Veins open wide

Is all she can remember

Blood seeped clothing
As she tried to recover

No one ever knew
Her wounds ran deep

Solemnly remaining in silence
Trying to find herself
Every time someone said
Beauty is only Skin deep

Trying to hide these battle wounds
The war kept on raging
The stench of dry blood looms

The pain never subsides
As well as the tears
that welt up every night in her eyes.

She wonders when it all will be over?
Will she ever smile again?
Or will she continue to suffer day in day out
Her tears, they spout....

Here lies a broken girl.
Misunderstood, alone, in need of aid
Wishing she could change the girl into which she was made


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