Why I Cry At the Dinner Table (Full vers.)

I wonder whtat my blood sugar will do if I eat that

yes, I can and will eat that.

Sometimes I just want to be normal

not having to deal with a millions things at once

constantly changing, shifting, moving 

poking, bleeding

running out of room on my body and mind to prick and stab myself.

All the while keeping a calm smile on my face.

Because no one can see my disabilities

no one knows, wants to know, or has the ability to know.

When I say they slightest inconvience 

everyone says "are you okay. are you okay. You look okay."

the true answer is no. And you will never know.

And please for the love of god. Do not act sorry 

because you can't do anything about it. 

Just me, I can't even do anything about it.

so how could you


At least now, I have mastered the art of the silent cry

feet from others yet they never know what I've been through

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