For Love

For love I'd give my last words, but never speak them with a lie,
I'd fight for your trust, but never force it from your side.
For love I'd climb the highest peak, but only if it ended with you as my view,
I would give up my home, but only to build something new.
For love I'd see your imperfections, but never judge them as your flaws,
I'd be head over heels, but still catch you when you fall.
For love I'd thankfully make an end, if you'd agree to be my start.
I'd believe in any distance if you'd agree to have my heart.

For love I'd admit that I was lucky, but only if you said that to me,
For love I'd overlook every mistake, to take on every possiility.
I'd fight through crowds of doubt to prove that there's a way,
I'd give up everything I knew, to create something new to say.
For love I'd fight the war, and win, never accepting failure.. but only if I knew it was true,
With no doubt in my mind, I'd know that I loved you.
For love I would accept a future, a change, a belief in something beautiful,
For love I would believe, but only if it was meaningful.
For love I would be nothing more than my very best,
For love is giving everything and being greatful for the rest


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