I'll Always Be Different

Writing all of my feelings

Will relieve me from all these teasings

That will make me jealous in life.

I just wanted a better life,

But yet, I won't be anybody's wife

For being deperate all the time.


I've lost all the dimes

That I've spent from the little squeezes of lime.

Making life sour, bitter, and bells chime.

Sparks fly when you get hit by love

And die and fall from heaven above.

Eventually, you will suffer from love.


I can't even express what state I'm in.

I can't even forgive my sins

Because there is more in my mind that are coming and comin'.

I can't walk on top of the world

And I can't be pretty either.

I'll be pretty when I am the only girl,

But that won't happen either.


Everything will be interfering,

Everything will be disappearing, unbelieving,

But it will be imagined in our mind.

Noticed that it's all negative?

It's caused by the horrible fates that we find.


Everyone has to be sensitive

And nothing changes and becomes the same.

I'll always be different

Because life isn't just for rent.


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