You are Loved and More Precious than the Biggest Start

To whom it may concern,


When you’re tired and feeling low

Most of your days are full of sorrow,

Take a step back

It’s okay to get side-tracked


Don’t lose your soul

Just because of your goal

At the end of the day

Your hairs will turn grey

All your somedays will soon be yesterdays

You’ll realize you made it okay


It doesn’t take a lot to be kind

Always keep that in mind

You can go the extra mile

Or you can also give a smile


Take a breath of the fresh air

Engage in a meaningful affair

Every day is a chance to be better

Don’t give in to any slight ounce of anger


Lastly, don’t ever stop learning

More wisdom only comes with ageing

If you’ve read this far,

I just want to say to you,

You are loved and more precious than the biggest star.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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