the sadness

I remember my folks telling me I was a waste

that I belong in a trash crate

I remember them long nights trying

to fight the urge to cry

asking the lord why 

why I am I outcast?

why can't I fit in?

you see everyday was a struggle 

bullied by my peers

running to the bathroom with tears

they were filled with hate

complained to my mother 

then she looked into my little brown eyes and filled with unholy lies

and said "baby your just a lame"

a lame?

a person who will never make a change?

it hit me harder then when my daddy hit my momma

was my life a battle?

like a baby who just lost their rattle

a battle I could not win

tried fighting instead of winning

I was struck by lighting 

the lighting i'd call depression 

he could never lose he had all the cheat codes to win

and when you loose to him he'd grin

this is the beginning 

will there ever be a end?


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