From The Common Student


Ah school school school

Such a famous buliding block for success but all so difficult for the common student

Friendly to those whom meet your standards to the "T" but the source of stress for those who do not

Everyone cannot be friends with each other

Neither can we all travel the same intellectual pathway

For we all have different strengths, abilities, and weaknesses

Yet we all are being tested upon the same means

You may not understand for I am just the common student

But adjustments are neccesarry for the sake of yours


Tell me, what good does knowledge of knowing the value of "x" do for the mind if it were put to no direct use?

My mother was never required, she took the business side

Straining one's mind to absorb the knowledge of trig is no different from straining one's body to become more enhanced when they are both just  the common student

Maybe it should be an elective.


Who says tests show what we have learned?

I have failed all but one test in my chemistry course yet still came up strong in the end

I don't know about you but four-letter words are not my forte

We only need three divided into twelve


But please give me three weeks!

Three weeks at the very least for my class project

It took Jay-Z two years to turn in his last project

Only because he had to take his time

Let me take mine


I don't always have time to study

Nor can I comprehend as fast you'd like me to

However with just the right amount of time I can do anything I set my mind to

Give me the God-given right to drop my test until the nearest next week tutorial 

Of course if that were to be everyone would do it

Maybe there should be a price then


And if all else fails then why must we be held against our will 

As I said we all have diverse learning capabilities

And there may be something about this teacher's presentation that does not resonate with that

There are not numerous students who wouldn't give up if they kept seeing that same F

So if there ever is one who can relate give him or her the option make change

Because this teacher is not for the common student


Now you and I have not always been the greatest of friends

So I do not expect your friends to understand me

But understand that you have a lot more enemies who will rebel

And it only builds with each generation

So listen to my words, absorb them

Because this poem comes from the common student























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