Endless Possibilities


Nothing but regret.

One night stand,

Nothing but a sweat.

I was your seed,

You gave me no lead.

Feeling boundless on bareness.

But the carlessness was always there.

I knew nothing

Father bare, but still crying.

Doesnt know hes defiant,

Im nothing, Desolate.


Momma sent me away to camp,

Pack your bags, pillow is damp

Met a girl named Caroline,

We were only 9.

My first kiss, my go to;

Crayons flying, kids lying.

All we could focus on was our connection.

One year later,

A phone call is our interception.

Going back home,

My feelings were mixed

Only a misconception of something affixed.


Im 17 now,

Times are better.

Father isnt around anymore,

Maybe its better for me futhermore.

Caroline still drifts upon thoughts,

Her aroma flows like sweet apricots.


May 6, 2016

The one person I so loved,

Gods grasp snatched her willigness.

Shes dead,

I just want to feel the lead.

I cant live no more,

No last goodbye.

Shes my motivation, my sweet tea,

Now I wake up every morning, 

Just to realize the endless possibilities.


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