Now What ?


I know you think about situations and say,

"That would never be me." You say

I  could never be that girl that's acting all fast as if she has no home training" or

"I could never be that bummy ass dude that's not doing shit for himself and lives with his mama"

Now pause

We all are so quick to judge that we don't now there story.

You don't know that her face is her most prized possession because the rest of her body

Has been beaten, scared, and abused so many times that i doesn't feel like her body anymore.

You don't know that the coca cola bottle shaped body that she was blessed with is used for granted,

Seen as a toy for those lust filled horny boys who is just looking for a chance

To get that quick nut off on.

You don't know her mind, the way she wishes it could all end.

Those gory thoughts of her blood, his hand, his dick, her body,

Tied down in pain as he abuses her every night, while her mother is upstairs in bed, sound asleep.

Now press play shut up and listen

Listen to her breathing as it speeds up rapidly as she tries to escape the faith of his fist

While her body shakes until there is no more movement.

Listen to her cries as tears drop from her eyes

That has been in and spitted out trying find a purpose to survive in this jungle called the world.

Now stop and look

Look at the fake smile she wears so she could seem happy while she is actually hurting inside.


So do you still think you know her story?

Sill trying to judge her?

Well theres the truth

Now what...






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Wow this poem is a masterpiece. I know what you mean exactly. I thought I would never cut or never try anorexia but I was wrong. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.


Thank You , That Means A Lot. I Will Check Out Your Poems


Cool thank you so much :)

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