The Look on His Face

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 16:34 -- Amt2829


United States
40° 21' 3.4848" N, 79° 54' 49.2228" W

Looking up, as he looks off into the distance

Seeing a giant I cannot

His eyes stare ahead and not down at me
But I feel them seeing through
All the strength and informality

The facade that's a decade old

He sees my weakness

My frustration

My sadness

My anger

My desire to quit

To surrender, raise the flag as white as his body

So unlike mine, the body that hates me

That fights a battle longer than

Most American wars.


His is perfect, should heavily mock mine
Instead it lifts mine up, so that his eyes lock with mine

I melt, like ice on the first thaw of spring

He cannot - the marble has held for hundreds of years

And it is this he gives to me

His solidity

His rock and sling

His look on his face

My facade, my broken face

Broken heart

Broken will

It all mends, solidifies into marble too

Marble that is magic - can walk away from here

He will stay

His look will never change

It stays in this beautifully simple corridor

His stare piercing others, some more broken than I

He takes our defective marble

Works the same magic his creator did

Just by staring at that invisible giant

I weep

I mend

I solidify

I walk

I take pills, my giant

I live

I walk away from him.

I want to bow before turning

But I know he wants to see me turn

"Go." he says

I steal one more glance

Unable to get enough of my salvation,

The look on his face.


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