Where Did You Go?

Where did you go

My Soul, my soul?

Oh God do answer 

For only you know.

My soul, my soul

To where did you leave?

Or are you trapped within pulsating walls

Where the darkness does so cleave?

No passion, no motivation

No zest for life

Is this a crisis

Or your average teenage strife?

Return to me

My soul, my soul

For with you came great joy

The hope of salvation

The delight of liberation

A light which no shadow could destroy.

My soul, my soul

Is that you I hear weeping 

a cry as soft as silk

The same as a babe

gone hours and days

without his mother's milk?

A clue of some kind?

A reprobate?

Oh blessed be God

It is not too late!

You've grown so weak

My soul, my soul

And you sound so far away

But I shall search for thee 

And restoreth thee

If it takes 'till the end of my days.

Oh my soul, my soul

Did you forget?

Our purpose given to us by God

has not been fulfilled yet.

There's still a job to do

A reason yet to live

So long as He is willing

My resolve shall never give.

Do not lose heart

My soul, my soul

For we shall reunite very soon, I know.

And from that day on

I promise:

I will never let you go.

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