Unsealed Writs


How are feelings expressed? Through words? Through voice? Just one sound or one word can illuminate ones heart, 

it grows and becomes a never ending cycle. It continues to grow until it spreads across the world like a wildfire,

touching the hearts of those who have felt agony and want their hearts to be filled with happiness. Even though

the hearts are scattered they are all connected and they share a similar story with each other. They reach out 

to those who are in need of comfort. Every story has their tale, and each tale tells a struggle. A struggle that 

brings one to tears and bring about a change in them. Poetry is life, it burnishes a way through the darkness

and mollifies to craft what is only light. It is a special type of writing, even Haikus can give a vast meaning

to ones soul. When ever life grabs one down by its shackles, know that a simple sentence, a simple phrase, 

a simple word can break the dominance of those shackles.


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