A Letter to my Passion.

Tue, 11/11/2014 - 17:15 -- bluntbt


So let's live,

And let love.

Where is this coming from?

My heart says yes,

In you I obsess.


And I'm losing my mind,

But I swear that it's fine...

Just commit me now,

Cause I'm losing my ground.


Yet I'm crying no more,

I'm halfway out the door,

But you wont let me leave!

Expecting me to bleed.


Roses are red.

They are, but I am blue.

And these flowers keep falling,

Now I'm seeing the truth:


I really don't want to leave,

Though, I said its time for me to go.

But, see, I've been here before.

And I want it even more.


I'm worth it, I can hang

I have promise, going places.

I have no fear in my heart,

And now I'm going to start.


Living my own way

I deserve to stay

I've got smarts, I've got dreams

I'm chasing my moonbeams.


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