Sink or Die


United States
38° 40' 9.0552" N, 77° 14' 20.922" W

We're setting sail to a voyage that never ends
Cast with the wind, while the anchor begins to drown
Blurred ripples, our boats filled up with sand
And the sirens sing, leaving an empty sound

One eyed, two eyed, but we're all blind mice
Lies chopped off our legs, wooden pegs became the truth
And we set sail to a voyage
Where we would find the fountain of youth

Float on to your underworld, I'm coughing up my dreams
'Cause I was your ocean, filled with a ship wreck's scream
And ride along the waves, just ride along and along
Like you never knew a world where we've been apart for too long

And still the anchor sinks, sinks below the sand
It's beginning to drag us in something we couldn't understand
So in Davy Jone's locker, you sealed away your soul and heart
Like you never knew a world where we've been far apart


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