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Written by: Eric Fraley

AKA: SeemsPoetic

It was at one moment,

One night,

 In about the same time and the same rhyme this rap took to write,

did I admit to myself being unserious won't help

how I felt about life and the things that feel right,

cuz you wanna fight you wanna cut out the lights and be free but

trust me

free is only the moments you get to sit back and be happy...
Sometimes in our pursuit of happiness the overwhelmingness of challenges are far to  
Damaging to all the lil things  but never crippling to the bigger picture that we call our dreams
Please just stand up now

and go find out how

Your world gets turned upside down in one moment

The moment you realize how from this point on you can keep your head held high

cuz you realized a dream and it never dies

Unless you listen to lies

Which would rather see you meet your demise than watch you grow up to change tides

Don't listen to societies cries and their seemingly undeniable  ties to ruining lives  because blocking it out...

Is what freedoms about,

cuz staying true means not letting them undo what you choose....

Be free.

Your dreams are your destiny.

Never underestimate the change that occurs when you sit back undisturbed and ponder and question life's lesson..  

All I'm trying to do is try a new method to deliver a message
Isn't that what it's about?

That's the purpose of rap no doubt  

Instead of having to scream and shout

You use poetries policies to govern your  honesty,

but honestly,

why honer the monarchy

cuz raps the apology in and of itself for our revelry and rebellious  needs to question the world and all who plead to try and succeed  from the plunderous greed of our world and its hypocritical rivalry.


If all we had to do to be free was succeed

than why do people say being free is living simply ...

It's actually a simple misconception  

When you're successful you ain't restful,

your restless for more.

Restless to open new doors;

New paths to be traveled in this elaborate maze we establish to amaze our true imagination

in a nation where we’re said to be free as can be

but never believe till we find our american dream.

A dream we redeem,

fulfill and achieve

 even when the older demographic trends disagree with our needs to a certain degree

and they condemn rather than recommend ways to amend

and befriend the social syst-em.  


We go to such lengths…

To pick up the pace…

Instead of living in the moments that bring little judgement to the subject of freedom.

Everyone's making  judgments,

but nobody need em  

and if you're judging these lines back up and reread some.

It’s so true

What we do

We stretch and we strain to fulfill expectations...

Only to be stressed and degraded about how we are graded…

and then watch the process repeated.

All it takes is one moment…

For you to set yourself free from their creed and diabolical need to keep you from the things that help you succeed ...


Just One moment …


O n e   M o m e n t


To decide you were the one chosen.


I say it's your life…


Your world…


So go out there….


Go own it…


O n e  simple  m o m e n t...





reveal developments and changes in human population. More specifically, demographic trends relate to changes in a population's age, gender, geographical location, marital status, educational attainment, employment status, household income, race, religion, and health.


make better; improve.
"if you can amend or alter people's mindset"



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