Mad in Craft

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 22:03 -- gesh

Ghosts linger in the crack between the door and its frame.

Now, you should know that they’re hard to tame.

Not every one of my demons is the same.


It is madness;

It is a cigarette I call badness.


My insanity is my finest piece of jewelry; why should I have any shame?

I’ll take all the credit; I’ll take all the blame.

Do not tell me I do it just for the fame.


It is madness;

It is a blue moon I call gladness.


Good sir, get out a pen and I’ll tell you all of their names.

There is Prince Hamlet, Sir Romeo, and all the kings that are good (or so they claim).

I’m not winning this hand, but that’s only because this isn’t a game.


It is madness;

It is a lover I call sadness.

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