questions for the troubled youth

They wonder why,

why we can't sleep at night,

tell us such pretty lies,

why we can't sleep at night,

the anti depressants are too tight,

acid and synthetics wearing off,

haze of something crimson,

shattered in splintered wrists,

those hollywood hill type parties,

where your name becomes as blurred as your face,

and they wonder wear the anxiety comes from,

why us kids are scrambling for music that soothes our

erratic brains,

for poetry and drugs that make our arms bleed,

why we peak at 15,

why we don't accept anyone except each other,

why we hunt those who hunt us,

why we travel in packs,

more wolves than human,

and you wonder why we youth 

are so fundamentally broken,

why we use blank phone screens to 

drown out our insecurities 

why we shower ourselves in blood,

and bathe ourselves in gold,

why our skin boils,

why we all think we have depression,

why the suicide and assault rates have gone up,

because from the moment we were born

you thought this teenage rebellion was a phase,

so we made it into a lifestyle,

like kings and queens killing princesses

for a chance at fame,

so we made it into a 


and killed ourselves

to become part of it.

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Our world
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This was a really amazing poem....i can completely relate to it and u touched me.

Thank you for this



Thank you for letting my poetry touch you.

it is all i wish for in this chaotic world.


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