We whisper

They jump as if to take flight

To be free from all that carries them down

With the wings made from the wishes and dreams they held within

They falter, their hope gives away

They plummet towards the black abyss below

Fear overwhelms them and darkness surrounds

They scream, yell, to no avail

They lose their voice that never was heard

Tears stream down their face,

Falling endlessly as they go deeper and deeper into the hole 

The hole created by despair, anxiety, loss, fear…

It’s painstakingly cold and no gasp for air is enough to fill their lungs,

The lungs that once held all the life they once dreamed they would have

Now they struggle, with few breathes escaping their lips


They have wandered far and are no longer near

Their hearts are gone from us

Their minds circling endlessly

We reach but our arms are far too short

We call out but our voice is drowned out

So we wait,

Wait at the opening of the abyss

With a light

A light of hope

To hold on,

And know that pain ends


I look,

Darkness is all around

I yell,

My voice is lost

My heart,

It aches

My thoughts,

Spin endlessly

I cry,

Into my scared hands

“I’m lost.”


A light,

It breaks through the dark

And gently rests on a small curled up figure

A lost soul


Tears stream down their face

They have no voice

They don’t move

But their eyes, they plead

Plead to be saved,

The light found them,

Lead us to them,

We carefully help them up and guide them out of the dark

Whispering to them words of hope

‘Hold on, the pain will end’


Hope is was leads, guides

It is what lights up even the darkest of nights

Illuminates even the deepest hearts

And gives sight to the most beautiful smiles


“Hold on, Pain ends”

We whisper in the wind

To carry this message to all the hearts that wander

And all the souls that are lost



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