Eternally Greatful

- They say,
"In due time you'll be alright", "just stay patient".
So Heavenly Father I'm reaching out - This life's got me pacin'.
Not knowing which way to go, with either road - I never make it.
I'm in need of your guidance, knowing TIME - Has no replacement.
I swear that I'm trying to change, same promises I'm Breakin'.
On a daily I'm waking up, seeing these things my kid would play with.
It's getting hard to stay home, I'm breaking down losing hope. Due to these reasons I'm leavin', I get up get dressed - and I'm Gone!
I feel my life serves no purpose, deep in these thoughts - feeling worthless,
And yet on top of this surface - I'm still that clown in a circus.

I count my blessings and I Thank YOU, For another day that I get to - See my Son and hold him close...


This poem is about: 
My family


Jan Wienen

Thank you

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