Do Forgotten People Dream?

The clang of a single coin in an empty tin

Alerts the man to sadly look down.


He fishes out the nickel

Holding it up to the light

Dreaming of what it must feel like

To have enough to spend well into the night.


The gazes of business men walking by

Causes the man to look around.


He turns his head to stare

Giving thanks to those who pay

Wondering about what it must feel like

To be them for just a day.


The horns of the taxis in traffic

Catches the man’s attention


He peers cautiously at the passengers

Nodding occasionally at regular commuters in a seat

Speculating on what it must feel like

To be taken somewhere by something other than feet.


The haze of the smog overhead

Leads the man to gaze upward


He sadly smiles at the gray of the morning

Watching as the smoke drifts lazily

Knowing that even the pollute of the sky

Is freer than he would ever be.


The shouts of children running by

Encourages the man to spare a glance


He slowly waves at these regular visitors

Wishing them a good day at school

Hoping they lead better lives

Than he who never followed a rule.


The barks of stray dogs

Inspires the man to take some food


He hands out the scraps

The very last of his stash

Desiring they keep themselves alive

Even when he needed the food more than cash


The flying pages of a newspaper

Prompts the man to pick it up


He opens up yesterday’s news

Reading his fill of unfortunate events

Reminding himself of those

Much worse off than him stuck pleading for cents.


The sight of others like himself

Persuades the man to ignore his hunger


He looks out at the others

Absorbing their tear-stained faces becoming wetter

Empathizing with their thoughts

In hopes that things will get better.


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