you do NOT control me.

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 19:55 -- Astod
I am suffocating. 
The elephant in the room is breathing all the oxygen 
and my lungs have become too weak to function anymore.
The tiles of my veins are cracked upon the impact 
of your expectations falling on my shoulders.
I am no soldier. 
I've been drafted into a war I didn't sign up for.. 
I guess this is another civil war, 
and I wish, oh god I wish I could be civil 
in a house with no chivalry.
It's only consequential severity 
of your actions and reactions 
even when you take no action at all. 
I am not your verbatim bully. 
You will not be the hands that turn my time. 
Not anymore, not this time. 
I'm done choking on the tongue
I spend my days biting. 
Your words are like razor blades
calling for my wrists again. 
No, not again. 
No, never again. 
The war will end. 
I will unleash every amount of ammunition I have
onto your doorstep. 
Death and me have the same address.
My wrath will end you-
and subsequently me too.


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